ePoster Design Tips

How can you effectively use ePosters to communicate your key messages to those who matter? How can you maximise the impact of your ePoster and/or ePoster presentation?

Designing the ePoster

  • Keep it simple – focus on a couple of main messages and do NOT overcrowd the ePoster. Note that the ePosters will be displayed on a screen and while it is large, it is not as large as a traditional hung poster so needs to be clear to be read int he smaller format.
  • Use a brief title: a sub-title can help describe what the ePoster is about.
  • Use headings to help the viewer to navigate your ePoster. They will be able to use a mouse to move around and highlight parts of your ePoster on the screen for better viewing.
  • Use bit size chunks of text – graphics are much better for providing a lot of information in a small space.
  • The sequence of information should be well ordered and obvious.
  • Compulsory content: author’s name/s, author’s organsiation/s, organistation’s logo/s, contact details (website, email, phone, postal), ePoster publication date

Producing your ePoster

Please note below the requirements for your ePoster

  • ePosters must be landscape orientation
  • ePosters must be created in a 16:9 aspect ration
  • ePosters should be maximum 4000px x 2250px (the minimum size is 1920px x 1080px)
  • ePosters should be submitted as .png or .jpg file

ePosters must be uploaded by 5 October 2018 via this link: This is a hard deadline and must be met.

The ePosters will be displayed on large screens in the exhibition area. A mouse will be connected to the screen to assist with viewing. The ePosters will be available for viewing throughout the opening hours of the conference.

All the delegates and exhibitors will be able to view the posters.

  • Each screen will display all ePosters. People will be able to search for various ePosters by author name, poster name, theme and keyword
  • Click to enlarge an ePoster to take up the entire screen
  • Use the mouse to zoom in and out of the ePoster. While zoomed in, you can use the mouse to move the ePoster around
  • Click close to go back to the main screen with all the ePosters on view

Presenting the ePoster

  • You will be allocated a time to do a three minute presentation on your ePoster at a specific screen during the ePoster session on Friday. You will be able to use the mouse to zoom into sections and move around the ePoster while you are talking.
  • Have additional information ready to discuss with attendees beyond what you presented on your poster. Do not just read it out to them.
  • You will be using headsets to speak to attendees so they can focus on what you are saying.
  • Have some handouts of the ePoster and if you like additional information ready to give to attendees.