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There are two sessions – Thursday morning and Friday morning.

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Thursday 25 October – 7.00am-8.30am





Pressure injury prevention – an offloading and redistributing solution that addresses patient and caregiver safety

This presentation will discuss an innovative pressure injury offloading and redistributing solution for patients in acute and medical units. Research has shown that tissue deformation (damage to the cells) can occur within minutes causing deep tissue injury. This innovative solution assists the caregiver to provide pressure relief to the patient by offloading and redistributing pressure along the body particularly around bony prominences.
The innovative solution has reduced negative patient outcomes by a substantial reduction in severe pressure injuries in one district in Australia, and has also protected caregivers with a 55% reduction of compensation claims in the United States.

Chenel Trevellini, USA
and Michelle Barakat-Johnson, Australia

Wound Care Innovation – implementing clinical pathways and product bundles of care to deliver improved outcomes and value

Pressures on healthcare systems mean healthcare providers are being asked to achieve better patient outcomes with reduced resources and budgets. Professor Theresa Hurd is a Nurse Practitioner as well as a Professor of Nursing in the Graduate Program at New York University. As an Advanced Practice Nurse, Professor Hurd divides her time within Critical Care, Trauma, Wound Care and Oncology nursing. During this exclusive presentation Professor Hurd will be sharing details of innovative care pathways and product bundles she and her teams have implemented to achieve value based healthcare for the first time in Australia. With a focus on negative pressure wound therapy Professor Hurd will be demonstrating how pathways can reduce wound care spend with practical examples for you to implement within your organisation. Professor Theresa Hurd is a published author, international speaker and has guided nursing practice across facilities in excess of 1000 beds throughout the United States and Canada.

Professor Theresa Hurd

“Leaky legs” New approaches in the management of Lymphorrhea

Gary Bain

Beyond the edge: Implementing a simple and structured approach to managing infected wounds

Optimal management of infected wounds starts with good wound assessment. Join us for an interactive workshop, where you will hear about a new simple and structured approach to managing wounds in a holistic and timely manner, to ensure you get the best out of your treatment for infected wounds

Sue Templeton

Evidence-based Diabetic Foot Ulcer Care: Emergence of a new First-line treatment as part of the Standard of Care for Neuro-Ischemic Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Innovations in managing the diabetic foot: Raising standards with a new and clinically-proven first line treatment demonstrating a significant difference in diabetic foot ulcer healing rate
– Results of a large, multi-centered international RCT for diabetic foot ulcer management
– From research to practice – first local outcomes of treatment application

Prof Alberto Piaggesi, Italy

Why Debridement ‘rules’ in Healable Wounds

Join us for an interactive discussion with a panel of experienced local and international wound experts

• Importance of debridement for wound bed preparation
• Hydration, and its role in wound healing
• HydroClean plus in practice


Wendy White, Karen Ousey, UK and Tabatha Rando

Friday 26 October – 7.00am-8.30am




Revolutionising the science of skin protection

• The clinical challenges of preventing and treating skin breakdown due to the devastating influences of incontinence and other assaults on the skin
• How can 3M help you? Introducing 3M™ Cavilon™ Advanced Skin Protectant
• Science in reality: experiences of local clinicians with Cavilon Advanced Skin Protectant


 Jill Campbell

Innovation of Remote Therapy Monitoring

KCI Medical is keen to engage with healthcare professionals around the world, and share how our digital health services coupled with NPWT are positively changing the patient and clinician experience. During this breakfast we will discuss how compliance, real time patient engagement, and data are impacting wound outcomes. In addition, we will share how our digital services via our Clinician App is centred around customer excellence and providing the best support to healthcare professionals in the hospital or community setting.

Leah Passmore Griffin and Alessandra Doolan

Clinical Reasoning in the Use of Pneumatic Compression: A Case Study Series

Sequential Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (SIPC) is an established treatment modality for venous ulcers. It also can be utilised to safely treat complicated mixed aetiology involving arterial, venous and lymphatic pathologies. Device settings can be adjusted and refined to achieve desired outcomes. Please join us for this in-depth discussion about using SIPC in unique patient presentations.

Margo Asimus

PLUROGEL Burn and Wound Gel:
Concentrated Surfactant Gel to Soften, Loosen, and Trap Debris, and to Manage Wound Microbiome

Join Greg Schultz, Ph.D in exploring the biochemistry & clinical outcomes associated with the new and exciting wound healing innovation, PluroGel®. PluroGel®, comprised of a unique concentrated surfactant (Micelle Matrix™) technology, revolutionizes the patient experience with its gentle, non-cytotoxic, and biocompatible formula. This innovation helps promote an optimal moist healing environment that helps to protect healthy tissue and soften wound debris. Greg Schultz, Ph.D. is a highly published scientist in the field of wound care. A biochemist, he was one of the pioneers of the concept of Wound Bed Preparation. Dr. Schultz is a Professor and Director of the Institute for Wound Research at the University of Florida.

Gregory Schultz, USA

Beyond the dressing: Where does nutrition fit?

Learn about the important role of nutrition in prevention and management of wounds, and how can tailored nutrition be incorporated into cost effective wound management?

To be presented by Fiona Justice APD  (Accredited Practising Dietitian, Medical Affairs Specialist at Nestle Health Science)

Fiona Justice



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